Caution for Handling

Thank you for purchasing Miwangyeong.
The product you have purchased is an item that requires the user’s caution.
We hope you can enjoy Miwangyeong for a long time by referring to the cautions stated below.

Among many parts of the glasses, the hinge (the metal part that connects the front surface and temples) and the bridge (the part that connects the lens of each side) are vulnerable to shock.
Therefore, we recommend holding the bridge part instead of holding the lens when cleaning.

Please refrain from providing modification by spreading or bending the parts of glasses other than the optician’s professional correction.  
We recommend holding both sides of the glasses when wearing
and building habits of holding one side of the glasses can be a cause for damage or modification of the product. 

The lens of the glasses can not only lose the original function
when exposed at a high temperature and coating of the lens peels off
but also can cause dizziness.

The cautions for each glasses can be different by material.
Acetate and titanium mentioned below are the representative materials for Miwangyeong. Please thoroughly go through the caution before wearing and handling the product.


All horn-rimmed glasses produced from Miwangyeong are made out of acetate.
Acetate is a material that is sensitive to temperature. Exposing the product to a high temperature for a long time can cause a modification in the frame.
Please refrain from placing the product on the dashboard of the car during summertime, at a sauna, or in any other similar environment.
On the other hand, exposing the product at a low temperature can also stiffen the frame and may lead to damages even with little impact.

Due to the characteristics of the material, if the product is bent but not broken, please visit Miwangyeong’s offline store. The opticians will try their best to correct the shape of your product. 

Acetates might show chlorosis, which is a phenomenon that makes the frame turn white

when touched by seawater, sweat, cosmetics, etc. after wearing it for a long time.
Sweats are one of the main causes of aging glasses.
Leaving sweats on the glasses for a long time can cause corrosion of the hinge or rivet.
So if your sweat touched your glasses for a long time, we recommend rinsing them with cold water
and removing the access moisture completely. 


Titanium shows more durability, flexibility, and lightweight.
compared to stainless steel.
Just like acetate, the coating or plating of the frame can be peeled off.
due to passing of time, scratches caused by impact, seawater, cosmetics, sweats, etc. 

A/S Regulation 

· We would like to provide all of our customers with the best quality service.
· If the product is bent without any complete damage, feel free to visit the store for free correction regardless of the purchased period.
  (However, if the product is severely bent and cannot be corrected, we might recommend repairing or exchanging, which might cause small charges of expenses.)
· As long as you possess the product you purchased from our store, you are able to receive both free and paid A/S constantly regardless of the purchased period.  
· If the deficiency has been caused in the process of product manufacturing, the A/S shall last up to 1 year. If the deficiency was caused by your carelessness, the same process can be charged.  
· Please contact customer care before visiting the offline store for A/S.  
· Miwangyeong carries out the whole process of A/S as fast as possible, but please understand that it might take up to two weeks.  
· We might not be able to replace the parts with the ones exactly the same as the previous ones during the A/S.
· Other details not stated above will be proceeded based on the Framework Act on Consumers. 


Exchange and Refund Regulation 

· The product can be exchanged or refunded only within seven days of purchase. If the reason for the refund is a simple change of mind, the fee for the lens might be claimed or deducted from the price of the frame.
· To exchange or get a refund for the product, please fill out the form required by the exchange/refund board on the website and make sure to return all the components provided by Miwangyeong.